County Plan


The La Porte County DFP developed a three-year plan, approved by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, to achieve multiple targeted goals by 2017. The plan measures progress against 2013 data that documented county-wide alcohol, marijuana, heroin and prescription drug abuse problems. The following goals aim to achieve measurable reductions between 2013 and 2017.

Reduce alcohol abuse.

La Porte County tied for third among the counties with the highest alcohol abuse rate. Objectives to impact this rate include:

  • Support alternative judicial and treatment pathways, such as problem solving courts and juvenile diversionary options for alcohol and other drugs.
  • Pursue use of Indiana Prevention Resource Center survey in all school districts.
  • Market prevention campaigns, including “Above the Influence” through social media.
  • Support youth leadership training/advocacy activities to encourage peer-to-peer prevention programs such as Lead and Seed and other best practice initiatives.
  • Support law enforcement efforts dealing with issues of underage drinking and binge drinking.

Reduce marijuana abuse.

La Porte County ranked third in the state for marijuana use by youth and adults in 2013. Impact objectives include:

  • Support affordable marijuana treatment options for those who are uninsured / indigent.
  • Promote awareness of marijuana abuse issues in the workplace and encourage adoption of drug free workplace policies.
  • Focus education efforts to enhance knowledge of the impact of marijuana use through media outlets, treatment facilities and community organizations.

Reduce heroin use and heroin related deaths.

La Porte County tied for 2nd in the state for heroin abuse, and the county coroner reported 17 deaths in 2014. Objectives are:

  • Support law enforcement undercover operations to increase arrests for heroin purchase and distribution.
  • Support training programs that benefit law enforcement, education and clinical treatment efforts.
  • Initiate prevention education efforts to impact youth, with priority on evidence-based programs and speaker presentations.

Reduce nonmedical use of Rx drugs.

La Porte County ranked in the top 50% in the state for prescription drug abuse. Objectives:

  • Promote law enforcement initiatives, such as prescription drug take backs, to reduce distribution and purchase of prescription drugs.
  • Support effective programs / materials to address prescription drug misuse prevention for youth and adults.

Prevention defining issues, creating awareness, promoting abstinence.

Justice apprehending offenders, deterring re-arrest, offering solutions.

Treatment supporting recovery, preventing relapse, building new lives.